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  • The making of the Prahok

    20 December 2015 ( #Ingredients, #Daily life )

    The "Prahok" or fermented fish is a crucial ingredient in Cambodian cuisine. The "prahok" is made from "trey riel", very small fishes which have the same name as our currency ! January is the season to prepare it. For my very first day of year 2012, we...

  • Ork Lam Ratatouille

    10 August 2020 ( #Curries and soups, #Samlor Soup )

    This is a popular beef ratatouille and dills from Luang Prabang, the royal city of Laos. It is earthy and finds its roots in our forest and garden but it is the kind of national dish that one does not dare to take up when untrained. Our auntie Pa Thouaithong...

  • Nhoam Sdao ញាំ ស្ដៅ

    12 December 2015 ( #nhoam salad )

    The Nhoam Sdao is a bitter and sour salad, popular in rural areas for its therapeutic values. It is very typical and delicious for those accustomed to bitter taste in cuisine. The Sdao is from the Mahogamy tree family and has many medicinal functions:...

  • Num Sao Soy

    25 December 2015 ( #Desserts and festivals, #Daily life, #Fresh markets )

    A cake for wedding ceremonies and religious festivals, the "Num Sao Soy" is my favorite dessert of all times made of sticky rice flour, grated coconut and palm sugar. They can be easily found in fresh markets, and the best are at Psar Thmey market in...

  • The fish market of Kompong Luang

    21 December 2015 ( #Fresh markets, #Daily life )

    At the foot of Oudong ancient Royal capital, about 40 km from Phnom Penh, the village of Kompong Luang is well known for its fish market and the silversmiths. The fishmongers are busy since 3 am to sell their fishes for the wholesalers who bring it to...

  • The art of canapés

    03 January 2016 ( #western, #finger food )

    A favorite for our family and friends gatherings, the canapés are finger food to welcome guests. They are of French origins, canapé means sofa in French and refers to the analogy that the garnish sits atop the bread as people do a couch! It is a decorative...

  • Where do the lotus come from?

    08 January 2016 ( #Fresh markets, #Daily life )

    On the road to Oudong, the ancient capital city, there are marshes of lotus and families live from harvesting them every day. We use everything: the leaves to wrap food at the fresh market, the lotus flowers for the pagodas, the seeds to eat as snack....

  • New Year Hot Pot Culao

    23 January 2016 ( #Samlor Soup, #festivals )

    Our family is of Chinese descent so we celebrate both Chinese and Khmer New Year. The tradition is to prepare the Hot Pot or Huo Guo that we call Culao in our family as my great grandfather probably landed on the shores of South Vietnam when fleeing China...

  • Laboy - vegetable mix for samlor

    15 January 2016 ( #nhoam salad, #Samlor Soup )

    National dishes like the Samlor Khmer or Kari Saraman are accompanied by a careful selection of vegetables and herbs. This mix is an art as its combination must reveal the savor of the soup but not overpower it. Some vegetables are added to lighten the...

  • the Crabs of Kep

    23 February 2016 ( #Fresh markets, #daily life )

    I have traveled many countries and have been studying in New England (USA) where the lobsters and blue crabs are legendary. But no place can offer the sweet and plump crabs of Kep, a seaside provincial city of Cambodia. There, you go and select the crabs...

  • Le couscous au poisson de Tunis

    29 December 2019

    In Phnom Penh, the Tamarind on street 240 offers the best couscous in town. We used to go so often that it became a favorite dish of Panhlauv, my bro and younger member of our family. Now studying in the US, he still comes home asking for a couscous,...

  • Green Papaya Salad Bok Lahung

    20 December 2015 ( #nhoam salad )

    The green papaya salad is popular everywhere in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. There is a science to making a good papaya salad ! Here is how we prepare it at home. Ready ? Let's get started. Materials: a clay mortar, a wooden pestle and a spoon. Ingredients...

  • Ricefields

    22 December 2015 ( #Daily life )

    I can't think of more beautiful green than the one of the young rice stems, when it is time to remove the young plants to transplant them. The whole landscape is a beautiful green. The farmers plant the rice during the wet season. They can usually plant...

  • Num ansom chrouk - Rice cake with pork (នំ អន្សមជ្រូក)

    21 December 2015 ( #Desserts and festivals )

    The Nom Ansom is a cake prepared during festivals, in particular for the end of the Buddhist Lent, the remembrance of the ancestors or the Chinese New Year which is celebrated in many Khmer families of Chinese descent. The origin of the rice cake is Chinese...

  • Pomelo salad - Nhoam Krauch Thlong

    23 December 2015 ( #nhoam salad )

    A refreshing and healthy salad enhanced by grilled coconut flakes, crunchy peanuts, fried shallots and minty leaves. I bet you can't find a better recipe to loose weight and enjoy the colors of the summer. Ingredients for 4 persons (time: 1 hour) 300...

  • Durian Cake

    29 December 2015 ( #Desserts and festivals )

    A Cambodian version of the pound cake to marry with the King of Fruits, the Durian! We localized the recipe to add our favorite flavors including palm sugar, vanilla beans and coconut cream. The cake is hearty to share with best friends. The best Durian...

  • Kouteav Phnom Penh - Phnom Penh Noodle Soup

    22 December 2015 ( #Curries and soups )

    Each Asian country has its specialty for noodle soup. For Cambodia, the Koutiao Phnom Penh is its signature, famous across Asia and elsewhere. Learn this tour-de-main with teacher Socheata who prepared this recipe for us in two-hour. For a large pot (10...

  • Samlor korko thnot - Young Palm Fruit Ratatouille

    09 January 2016 ( #Samlor Soup )

    The Samlor Kokor is a signature of Cambodia. Eaten with rice, from the farmer to the urban families, this soup stew is part of our DNA. It is heartwarming, made from fresh vegetables and that we stir (kokor) until all ingredients are well mixed. Usually...

  • Let's eat at Angkor Thom 700 years ago

    22 February 2021 ( #Knowledge, #festivals, #Ingredients )

    Rice, sesame, mung beans, pigeon peas, yardlong beans. That's what archeologists found in Angkor Thom (Bayon Temple) excavations. The authors found that "of the identified plant parts, rice has the highest representation across all samples analyzed. Other...

  • Pork sausage Som Moo

    05 March 2021 ( #finger food )

    There are street food snacks that are easy to get off the streets so you never think of cooking them. Among these, the pork sausage 'nem chua' or 'som mou' in (Lao), lean pork and skin fermented with glutinous rice, salt and crushed garlic, wrapped generously...

  • Nom Pang Sach Ko Ang

    01 January 2020 ( #finger food )

    One of the French legacy in Cambodia is the baguette. We eat it with la-vache-qui-rit, the famous cream cheese spread, with grilled chicken or beef ragout, with sweetened condensed milk, canned sardines with tomato sauce, butter and granulated sugar (try...

  • Madeleine

    13 January 2016 ( #Desserts and festivals, #western )

    The Madeleine is a simple and loved little cake that reminds Proust and many of us of our younger years at the French Lycee. It is easy to do, with only flour, sugar and butter as a base but it requires patience and lots of attention. Give it a try and...

  • My Kari Saraman

    20 December 2015 ( #Curries and soups )

    A royal dish in Cambodia, the Kari Saraman is a difficult but oh! rewarding dish to prepare. Here is my recipe, that I have learned from our cook and my dad. One of my favorite food ! Music in the video: played by my brother Panhlauv (flute) and me at...

  • Seafood snacking in Phnom Penh

    06 January 2016 ( #Fresh markets )

    Cheap and delicious streetfood where you can have fresh seafood grilled and cooked on the spot. A favorite around 5 pm and early dinner.

  • Shrimps of Cambodia

    07 April 2016