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samlor soup

This is a popular beef ratatouille and dills from Luang Prabang, the royal city of Laos. It is earthy and finds its roots in our forest and garden but it is the kind of national dish that one does not dare to take up when untrained. Our auntie Pa Thouaithong...

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Our family is of Chinese descent so we celebrate both Chinese and Khmer New Year. The tradition is to prepare the Hot Pot or Huo Guo that we call Culao in our family as my great grandfather probably landed on the shores of South Vietnam when fleeing China...

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National dishes like the Samlor Khmer or Kari Saraman are accompanied by a careful selection of vegetables and herbs. This mix is an art as its combination must reveal the savor of the soup but not overpower it. Some vegetables are added to lighten the...

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