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This is our family blog about Khmer and international recipes. We inherited the patient art of preparing fine dishes from my grandmother whose cuisine was so famous that 50 years after she died during the genocide, villagers still remember her care for selecting ingredients at the market and training young aides at home. During the French protectorate, when dignitaries were in town, she was called to prepare her specialties. My father is a fine connaisseur too with his years traveling and appreciating fine French cuisine. He has trained me with preparing Khmer soups, the Kari saraman. Above all, I think it was his stubborness to drag my brothers and I - since we learned how to walk - through the fresh markets at home and overseas, the visit to the groceries as if we were in a museum, reading labels, connecting with the books, discovering new producers, that have shaped our taste and own appreciation of food and the heritage it brings along. Indeed, it is not really a blog about cuisine, more a journey through our culture and our family table.

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