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The Madeleine is a simple and loved little cake that reminds Proust and many of us of our younger years at the French Lycee. It is easy to do, with only flour, sugar and butter as a base but it requires patience and lots of attention. Give it a try and...

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On the road to Oudong, the ancient capital city, there are marshes of lotus and families live from harvesting them every day. We use everything: the leaves to wrap food at the fresh market, the lotus flowers for the pagodas, the seeds to eat as snack....

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A favorite for our family and friends gatherings, the canapés are finger food to welcome guests. They are of French origins, canapé means sofa in French and refers to the analogy that the garnish sits atop the bread as people do a couch! It is a decorative...

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A Cambodian version of the pound cake to marry with the King of Fruits, the Durian! We localized the recipe to add our favorite flavors including palm sugar, vanilla beans and coconut cream. The cake is hearty to share with best friends. The best Durian...

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A cake for wedding ceremonies and religious festivals, the "Num Sao Soy" is my favorite dessert of all times made of sticky rice flour, grated coconut and palm sugar. They can be easily found in fresh markets, and the best are at Psar Thmey market in...

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A refreshing and healthy salad enhanced by grilled coconut flakes, crunchy peanuts, fried shallots and minty leaves. I bet you can't find a better recipe to loose weight and enjoy the colors of the summer. Ingredients for 4 persons (time: 1 hour) 300...

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I can't think of more beautiful green than the one of the young rice stems, when it is time to remove the young plants to transplant them. The whole landscape is a beautiful green. The farmers plant the rice during the wet season. They can usually plant...

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